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Every company, no matter its size, has human resources needs. If your business is not staffed to handle those needs, The HR Connection can help! We focus on helping you retain your best employees and reduce your risk for lawsuits, protecting your company’s profits.

Employment litigation continues to rise, year after year! The minimum employee lawsuit in the U.S. costs about $125,000, and can go into the millions of dollars. Even if you don’t go to court, you’ll still spend thousands of dollars defending yourself. Here are litigation statistics from the year 2017 given by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Race Cases

Sex Cases

Religion Cases 

Age Cases
​​​​​​​ 18,372

Disability Cases
​​​​​​​ 28,866

Retaliation Cases 41,093

PREVENTION is the best defense against a lawsuit. We can help you minimize your risk by creating written policies, establishing procedures, and providing training for your employees and managers to prevent harassment and discrimination.

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Cases: 8,297

How Our Process Works​​​​​​​

The High Cost of Doing Nothing​​​​​​​

The Benefits of Partnering with
​​​​​​​The HR Connection

Human Resources Consultant | HR Strategies

A human resources professional will work with you and do a free needs assessment based on your company’s current practices.

Human Resources Consulting | HR Compliance
HR Consultant | HR Solutions

We will present you with the results of the needs assessment and recommendations that are customized for your company’s culture and budget.

We will work with you to implement the customized solutions that will solve your HR problems.

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Why is it important to self-assess your
​​​​​​​Human Resources?

​​​​​​Employment lawsuits continue to rise, year after year. An HR assessment is a good way to look at your current processes and make sure you are legally compliant. The HR self-assessment checklist allows you to see what you are doing right and what needs to be done differently. Our checklist assesses your hiring process, employee relations, training, and much more. By completing our self-assessment checklist, you will quickly see your level of risk.

Free HR Self-Assessment​​​​​​​ Checklist

With The HR Connection, LLC as a strategic business partner, you not only reduce your risk for lawsuits, but you gain well-trained employees and managers, more employee engagement, and less employee turnover.

Here’s how we do it:

Employee and
​​​Manager Training


Benefit Plan


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